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Welcome to Zombieland

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Villagers are community members of Zombieland who perform Chopping tasks to gather Wood & Steel. Wood is represented by ZBW, a fungible token tradeable on Alcor Exchange. ZBW is one of the game’s main crafting components that allows players to blend new, higher-tier NFTs. Villagers can be blended with Role Cards to become either Explorers or Zombie Miners.



Explorers search far and wide across Zombieland for Mines and other resources that can be blended or sold at the Exchange Shop. To perform Exploration work tasks, a Shovel NFT is required.

Mine Owner Certificates

Mine Owners

If an Explorer finds a Mine, they become a Mine Owner and are entitled to the Mine Owner Fee – a one-time WAX reward paid after all the Mine’s reserves have been depleted. Fees vary according to the size of the Mine:

Small Mine Owner Reward: $40 USD paid in WAX

Medium Mine Owner Reward: $200 USD paid in WAX

Big Mine Owner Reward: $700 USD paid in WAX

Zombie Miners

Zombie Miners

Zombie Miners are the only community members who can withstand the toxic nature of Zombieland’s Mines. They mine for rare NFTs, as well as ZBC, an FT tradeable on Alcor Exchange that represents the currency of Zombieland. To perform Mining work tasks, a Pickaxe NFT is required.



Villagers, Explorers and Zombie Miners find FTs & NFTs such as ZBC, ZBW, Steel, Boots, Rocks, and Bottles which can be blended to craft higher-tier NFTs such as Vehicles, Tools, and House Parts. These NFTs have powerful effects & uses, and increase a player’s Total Asset Value.

Player Rewards



Every month, the most active players in terms of chopping, exploration and/or mining are rewarded with WAX and/or exclusive NFTs.


Zombie Miners and Explorers that complete certain amount of mining and exploration tasks can claim rewards every month when they complete the quests requirements.


Every day, the first Zombie Miner to find any Special Item (Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, or Tiara) or Precious Stone (Emerald, Rubi, Sapphire, or Diamond) after the reset time will receive 500 ZBC.

It resets every day at 0h UTC and 12h UTC.

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